Friday, April 29, 2011

*~*Own Your Own*~*

There is an entrepreneur in each and every one of us.  For some, the process of conceiving an idea, coming up with a plan, and following through to bring that idea or concept to fruition comes rather naturally.  Others require a motivational nudge...or maybe even a forceful shove to throw caution to the wind, step out on faith, and move full steam ahead until their goal is reached. Sadly, most will simply allow fear and other insecurities to deter them from ever even realizing that there can be more to this life than working a 9-5 on someone else's clock.

My nudge came when I was laid off from Prince George's County Public Schools in 2009. I used this "extended vacation" time to take my dream of owning my own event planning business seriously.  I came up with a name....had business cards designed....started researching webpage creators....turned my walk in closet to an office....enrolled in QC School of Event Planning....opened up a business account (with $50)....registered for courses at Prince George's Community College....AND became a novice member of the Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC)!!!! Whew, talk about getting motivated.  Yet, with all this motivation and great steps I had taken, the reality of bills, day care, and health benefits soon set in...and in 8 months I was back on the clock and J2JSolutions was on a rapidly cooling back burner. forceful shove (and kick in the rear) came on March 7, 2011, when I found myself once again being held at the mercy of management who believed their need to have their ego stroked was worth more than my need to live and provide financially for myself and child. As I left the agency headquarters, I wiped my tears, held my head up, and vowed that that would be THE last time I would allow my future to be decided by someone who did not appreciate my worth.  What is it/did it take for you to realize the same?????

We have all been blessed with a God-given talent or skill...something that we were put on this Earth to share with the world...have you uncovered yours?  If you have, are you brainstorming the ways in which you can use your talents to create a wealthy and rich life for you and your family?  If the answer to either of these questions is "no", I encourage you to identify those talents (what do you absolutely enjoy doing?) and come up with a creative way to make them work (literally $$$) for you... ;)

Cheers to stepping out on FAITH and "owning your own"!!

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